Now Hiring: Field Coordinator (Part-time)

The Old Dominion EMS Alliance (ODEMSA) is looking for an experienced Paramedic, who wants to develop their critical thinking and collaboration skills and expand their job experience portfolio with a part-time position as an EMS Field Coordinator. The Field Coordinator will be responsible for Virginia Health Planning Districts 13 & 14 in the western portion of the ODEMSA region.

Applications are due by December 31, 2020.

Summary Description

The Field Coordinator is responsible to, and will assist the Old Dominion EMS Alliance (ODEMSA) Executive Director in coordinating the Central Virginia EMS system; in organizing, planning, and implementing programs and projects to serve the regional EMS system; and in fulfilling ODEMSA’s goals and objectives as stated in the Regional EMS Plan.


Required: Current Certification as Intermediate or Paramedic with a minimum of five (5) years experience in the delivery of prehospital EMS at the ALS level. Current Education Coordinator certification, with a preferred minimum of three (3) years instruction in prehospital EMS instruction. General working knowledge of computer systems, including Microsoft Office applications (Word, Access, Excel, Publisher, etc.). Ability to work evenings and weekends and to travel within the assigned region(s). Own or have use of a reliable, private vehicle. Ability to organize, plan, and coordinate EMS projects and programs. Writing and verbal communications skills. Ability to develop and maintain excellent working relationships with career and volunteer EMS providers, hospital personnel, and government officials, and coworkers. Driving record in compliance with ODEMSA policy regarding insurability.

Workplace Atmosphere

ODEMSA is a small staff with a large purpose and mission, we are connected to one another by a common purpose, and we take pride in that obligation.

  1. A proper personal appearance as well as the appearance of our facilities and equipment must be upheld.
  2. As a commitment to co-workers, employees deserve each other’s respect and support. Colleagues will display courtesy, friendliness, approachability, helpfulness, and honesty amongst each other.

Distinguishing Features

This person will have extensive interaction with the public and with EMS providers and administrators in the region – in person and on the phone.  The initial and lasting impression that ODEMSA’s customers take with them will depend in large part on how they have been received and treated by you. 

  1. Your attitude is expected to be kind and courteous while providing the highest quality service and meeting customers’ needs.  Direct eye contact and an open smile are only a few of the attributes of an acceptable workplace attitude. 
  2. Courtesy, consideration, and customer service are essential elements of this position.
  3. Another key aspect of this position is the ability to know when to act, and when to defer action, and to seek advice or additional information.
  4. Prompt service, customer satisfaction, and respect are paramount attributes that must be possessed by each employee.   

General Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Assist agencies in the use of PPCR/PPDR for appropriate patient records, effecting standardization for data collection, and submission as outlined by the Virginia Office of EMS and VPHIB.
  2. Assist agencies in the development of EMS Financial Assistance grant applications.  Working with ODEMSA staff and OEMS grant specialists assist and promote semi-annual grant workshops in assigned region.
  3. Assist in coordinating the EMS components in regional disaster exercises. Assist in the planning and implementation of periodic disaster and mass casualty incident (MCI) management courses in assigned region.
  4. Assist the Training Director in other programs including maintaining pools of ALS evaluators and instructors within the assigned region.
  5. Heavily publicize the ODEMSA awards and ceremony through all feasible means. 
  6. Assisting in the capacity assigned for all ALS practical testing and National Registry testing conducted by ODEMSA. 
  7. Work directly with the Training Director to ensure compliance with ODEMSA standards by helping monitor and communicate the need for scheduling ongoing courses in the assigned region.
  8. Directly responsible for conducting the ODEMSA-sponsored continuing education classes and workshops in the assigned region.
  9. With other staff, monitor the ODEMSA website and social media for accuracy and relevance.  Encourage content suggestions based on field Intel.
  10. Assist in the coordination of Consolidated Test Sites in the assigned area in cooperation with ODEMSA’s Test Site Coordinator. Assist the Coordinator in maintaining a pool of EMT evaluators, patients, and moulage technicians in the assigned region.  
  11. Assist the Executive Director in working with the primary region stakeholders to encourage and facilitate their participation in ODEMSA’s Standing Committees,and assist in implementation and continuation of performance improvement programs
  12. Encourage and monitor adherence to Regional Protocols and serve as a resource for education and guidance regarding protocols.
  13. ALS Medication Kits:
    1. Help the Program Coordinator ensure that standards are met region-wide,
      • Security and sealing of boxes.
      • Assist the Executive Director in investigation and follow-up for incidents involving non-compliance or violation of Medication Kit policies.
      • Serve as a local resource to agencies and assist the Program Coordinator with quarterly Medication Kit inventories (such as delinquent agency medication kit inventories).
  14. Assist the Executive Director in evaluating, revising and publishing various plans and policies including:
    • Regional EMS Plan
    • Ambulance Restocking Policy
    • Ambulance Diversion Policy
    • Regional Council Designation
    • Performance Improvement Plans
    • Stroke Plan
    • STEMI Plan
    • MCI Plan
  15. Maintain periodic contact (at a minimum weekly) with the Executive Director, updating the current status of activities within the assigned region.
  16. Mandatory attendance at all ODEMSA staff meetings (conducted every Tuesday unless otherwise noted) and any other committee meetings as assigned from time to time by the Executive Director.  
  17. Perform other duties as assigned.  


Specific Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Develop and maintain effective liaison with the EMS agencies, Acute Care Facilities, Air Medical Programs, OMDs, Office of EMS Program Representative(s), and other stakeholders within the ODEMSA boundaries.  Documentation of encounters and interactions with these focus groups will be submitted on a bi-weekly summary form (attachment A) to the Executive Director with a synopsis of items discussed and a list of people contacted/visited.
  2. Serve as the primary ODEMSA contact to agencies, governments, etc., for problems and issues involving the development of EMS-related plans and programs.
  3. Serve as ODEMSA’s liaison to the agencies; it is a requirement of this position to attend:
    • A minimum of two (2) EMS agency-specific meetings for each and every EMS agency in the assigned area within the calendar year.  
    • Attendance at all bi-monthly or quarterly EMS Sub-Council meetings for Southside (PD 13) and South Central (14) is mandatory.
      1. Maintain an accurate distribution list of all Sub-Council members with a minimum of the following:
        • Name
        • Email
        • Position/Title
        • Agency represented on Sub-council
        • Phone number
      2. Ensure original meeting materials are delivered to the Office Clerk at ODEMSA to maintain contractual compliance.
      3. Update annually, no later than February 28, the Agency Information Form (attachment B)
    • Attend the appropriate local EMS Advisory Council.
    • Halifax County Fire Commission
    • Additionally, the maintenance of regular communications and working relationships with the Council leadership, EMS agencies, and EMS Providers between attendances at the aforementioned meetings in the district shall be expected.
  4. Assist and encourage agencies to develop a plan of action for pandemic events as declared by the Governor of Virginia.
  5. Spend an appropriate number of hours each week on programs and activities to adequately coordinate with the EMS Agencies and Sub Council to ensure an effective training program in the assigned region.
  6. Serve as the primary point of contact (POC) for dissemination, collection, and maintenance of Regional EMS information including (but not limited to) plans, policies, protocols, and notices.  Serve as the ODEMSA authority on all ODEMSA mandates, and authority on all ODEMSA programs and committees. 


This is a part-time non-exempt position.  This position is generally limited to 30 hours per week.  Special exceptions for performing up to 35 hours per week may be considered with permission, on a per-occurrence basis, with the Executive Director. Conditions of compensatory time can be found in Section 1 of the ODEMSA Employees’ Handbook.

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