Med-Flight Temporarily Reducing Coverage Hours

The Old Dominion EMS Alliance has been informed of changes to service delivery by Med-Flight air-medical services. Due to pilot shortages, the Virginia State Police Med-Flight programs in Chesterfield and Abingdon are temporarily reducing coverage in their respective regions from 24 hours a day to 16 hours.  The Med-Flight program will operate from 0800-2400 hours each day.  

This change is only temporary, as the agency is in the process of hiring Med-Flight pilots.  As soon as staffing levels allow, both Med-Flight locations will resume 24-hour coverage.  In the interim, there are multiple private entities that provide for hire air ambulance services in both regions.  These services will be able to sufficiently handle calls for services during the hours Med-Flight is not available.  If you are interested in being a Virginia State Police Med-Flight pilot, please see JS Firm or for the position requirements and application process. 

While this change represents a change in service availability, it should not alter regional transport decisions. Please refer to our regional patient care protocols for guidance on the utilization of air medical services. 

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Corinne Geller
State Public Relations Manager
Virginia State Police
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