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Kathy began her career in EMS with the Manchester Volunteer Rescue Squad, and has dedicated over 40 years of service to the organization.  She has ridden in the hearse style ambulances, where when doing CPR straddling the patient the headliner was used for balance and she assisted in converting van vehicles into ambulances.  She has held many positions on Manchester’s Executive Board, serving almost forty years on the board.  Among her many roles, she has been the Chief of Operations and President (the office she currently holds).

During her 40 years of service she has provided education in multiple disciplines from CPR to EMT, Basic and Light Duty Rescue, Introduction to Swift Water Rescue, Vehicle Extrication and EVOC.  She has devoted over 40 years to EMS in many disciplines and still holds many instructor certifications (both technical and EMS).  Kathy worked in “dispatch” for Chesterfield Fire Department from 1979 to 1988.

She is very proud of her heritage in EMS including thirty years with the Virginia Association of Volunteer Rescue Squads, as their Training Coordinator.  Additionally, she is a Life Member and Hall of Fame Member with VAVRS and a Life Member of District 3. 

Kathy continues in her EMS endeavors through many different channels, still today.  Her life has been dedicated to those who want to learn and become providers and/or leaders in their agencies.  To her, EMS is a calling, a passion and a way of life, which she enjoys every day. In her free time, she enjoys reading, bowling and a few TV shows sprinkled in that are normally fire/police or ems related.  Kathy will quickly tell you – “Laughter is good for the soul!  We need to laugh more often and enjoy the warmth, sunlight and joy that it brings”.

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