More About Tiffany

Tiffany began her EMS career as a volunteer EMT at Lakeside Volunteer Rescue Squad in Henrico County, while as an undergraduate biology student at VCU. With no intention of pursuing EMS beyond 2 years, Tiffany’s eyes were fixated on a future she thought would be in medicine – clearly, Tiffany failed. Upon completion of her Bachelor’s degree, the following month Tiffany enrolled in VCU’s paramedic program. Her EMS journey redirected to Tuckahoe Volunteer Rescue Squad and later to the City of Richmond, as a paramedic with the Richmond Ambulance Authority. By this time, Tiffany long had the pleasure of assisting EMT courses conducted by Amy Howard, a colleague and EMS mentor. Slowly, Tiffany developed a passion for EMS education (a surprise to her). Tiffany officially became an Education Coordinator in 2017. Since then and after nearly 12 years on an ambulance, Tiffany now trades IV catheters and electrodes for staplers and Microsoft Excel. For her first office job, (where there are magical concepts like lunch breaks and holidays), Tiffany is excited to serve and learn as much as she can in her new role.

She credits her success to her instructors, preceptors, ambulance partners and her mentality towards continuous self improvement. Tiffany approaches her EMS career with these two thoughts:

1. “Always be teachable”
2. “Always be better than your last shift”

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