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Ryan is a Virginia EMT who has wide skill sets and diverse background which includes technology and EMS. Some folks may know him by his nickname “Scooter”. He began his EMS career with Manchester Vol. Rescue for a short stint when he was in high school. During college, he began volunteering with Bensley-Bermuda Vol. Rescue as a Junior Squad Member for many years. He spent three years working as an EMT for Richmond Ambulance Authority, and he was also an EMS Supervisor for Kings Dominion for seven years.

Ryan comes to us from the Capital Region Airport Commission which is commissioned to operate the Richmond International Airport. During his time there he was a 911 dispatcher for three years then moved into the role of Accounts Payable Clerk and Accounting Assistant for three more years. He has also worked PRN as an ED Tech at Johnston-Willis Hospital for a few years during his downtime from Kings Dominion. He currently volunteers with Lakeside Vol. Rescue Squad where he is the President and has held multiple officer and committee chair positions during his time there. He is also the current VAVRS District 3 Secretary and has represented his squad at the VAVRS Board of Governors meetings for many years. Recently Ryan was awarded the Daily Points of Light Award. Created by George H.W. Bush, the Daily Points of Light Award honors individuals and groups creating meaningful change in communities across America.

For now, Ryan lives in Chesterfield and enjoys spending time with friends and family, reading, and the occasional quiet night home catching up with the DVR or Netflix. He is passionate about the advent of sustainable transport and energy production and is the proud owner of a Tesla Model 3 (Ryan’s Baby). He is also very enthusiastic about space travel (and secretly hopes to be an astronaut one day). He follows SpaceX and the MarsOne Project, both of which are striving to send colonists to mars within the next decade. You will see Ryan’s expertise in almost every ODEMSA project, and if you seek Regional Training Funds you can speak with him often. He enjoys the diversity of his position and helping others as the Regional Projects Coordinator.

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