Outstanding Contribution to EMS by a High School Senior

Info: This competitive $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to a high school senior who has been affiliated with an EMS agency for at least six months, and who is currently enrolled or will be enrolled in an institution of higher learning or an accredited ALS training program in the coming year.

Required items: Checklist of items that must accompany this application form:

  • Proof of the applicant’s affiliation with a Virginia licensed EMS agency. A statement on agency letterhead can be included as part of one of the letters of recommendation.
  • A copy of the applicant’s official high school transcript (no minimum GPA is required, but will be considered in evaluations.)
  • At least two letters of recommendation on appropriate letterhead attesting to the nominee’s academic and/or EMS performance, which is consistent with the highest standards. One of the two letters of recommendation must be from an agency officer attesting to the applicant’s level of activity within the agency.
  • Photo Required: A high-resolution digital photo of the nominee must be included. Try to send a color photo (with good lighting) and just the nominee in it.

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