Board Directory

To contact members of the board please send us a message using our online Email Us form and select “Board of Directors”.

Rodney Newton Board President, Southside Sub-Council President PD-13
Walt Bailey Board Vice-President, South Central Sub-Council President PD-14
Greg Neiman Board Secretary, Metro-Richmond Healthcare Representative PD-15
Cary Strosnider Board Treasurer, Crater Sub-Council President PD-19
Heidi M. Hooker Executive Director  
Jean Dellinger Southside Sub-Council Prehospital Representative PD-13
Willoughby Hundley, M.D. Southside Sub-Council Healthcare Representative PD-13
John Fallen South Central Sub-Council Prehospital Representative PD-14
Ashley Andrews South Central Sub-Council Healthcare Representative PD-14
Robert Trimmer Metro-Richmond Sub-Council President PD-15
Lisa G. Baber Metro-Richmond Sub-Council Prehospital Representative PD-15
Pier Ferguson, R.N. Crater Sub-Council Prehospital Representative PD-19
Kathe Ware, R.N. Crater Sub-Council Healthcare Representative PD-19
Jimmy Lee Pair Law Enforcement Officer  
John Vasquez Law Enforcement Officer  
Allen Yee, M.D. Regional Medical Director  

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