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Executive Director:

Heidi M. Hooker

(804) 560-3300 x107

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Training Director:

Tiffany Almeida

(804) 560-3300 x102

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Tiffany began her EMS career as a volunteer EMT at Lakeside Volunteer Rescue Squad in Henrico County, while as an undergraduate biology student at VCU. With no intention of pursuing EMS beyond 2 years, Tiffany’s eyes were fixated on a future she thought would be in medicine – clearly, Tiffany failed. Upon completion of her Bachelor’s degree, the following month Tiffany enrolled in VCU’s paramedic program. Her EMS journey redirected to Tuckahoe Volunteer Rescue Squad and later to the City of Richmond, as a paramedic with the Richmond Ambulance Authority. By this time, Tiffany long had the pleasure of assisting EMT courses conducted by Amy Howard, a colleague and EMS mentor. Slowly, Tiffany developed a passion for EMS education (a surprise to her). Tiffany officially became an Education Coordinator in 2017. Since then and after nearly 12 years on an ambulance, Tiffany now trades IV catheters and electrodes for staplers and Microsoft Excel. For her first office job, (where there are magical concepts like lunch breaks and holidays), Tiffany is excited to serve and learn as much as she can in her new role.

She credits her success to her instructors, preceptors, ambulance partners and her mentality towards continuous self improvement. Tiffany approaches her EMS career with these two thoughts:

1. “Always be teachable”
2. “Always be better than your last shift”

Program Coordinator:

Tarsha R. Robinson

(804) 560-3300 x103

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Tarsha has been in EMS for almost 15 years, 6 of those being an ALS provider. She has had the pleasure of working at St. Mary’s Hospital as a tech/secretary, in the cities of Richmond and Petersburg as a field provider, preceptor and a part of peer support, and most recently being a part of the pediatric trauma program at VCU.

Tarsha loves to read, cook, and watch movies, but most importantly, she loves being an aunt to her nieces, nephews, and several godchildren. Tarsha also gets a kick out of being a pain to her sisters and brother, and an ok daughter to her parents.

Tarsha comes from a family deeply rooted in community service, and she looks forward to continuing that passion in this new role.

Regional Projects Coordinator:

J. Ryan Scarbrough

(804) 560-3300 x104

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Ryan is a Virginia EMT who has wide skill sets and diverse background which includes technology and EMS. Some folks may know him by his nickname “Scooter”. He began his EMS career with Manchester Vol. Rescue for a short stint when he was in high school. During college, he began volunteering with Bensley-Bermuda Vol. Rescue as a Junior Squad Member for many years. He spent three years working as an EMT for Richmond Ambulance Authority, and he was also an EMS Supervisor for Kings Dominion for seven years.

Ryan comes to us from the Capital Region Airport Commission which is commissioned to operate the Richmond International Airport. During his time there he was a 911 dispatcher for three years then moved into the role of Accounts Payable Clerk and Accounting Assistant for three more years. He has also worked PRN as an ED Tech at Johnston-Willis Hospital for a few years during his downtime from Kings Dominion. He currently volunteers with Lakeside Vol. Rescue Squad where he is the President and has held multiple officer and committee chair positions during his time there. He is also the current VAVRS District 3 Secretary and has represented his squad at the VAVRS Board of Governors meetings for many years. Recently Ryan was awarded the Daily Points of Light Award. Created by George H.W. Bush, the Daily Points of Light Award honors individuals and groups creating meaningful change in communities across America.

For now, Ryan lives in Chesterfield and enjoys spending time with friends and family, reading, and the occasional quiet night home catching up with the DVR or Netflix. He is passionate about the advent of sustainable transport and energy production and is the proud owner of a Tesla Model 3 (Ryan’s Baby). He is also very enthusiastic about space travel (and secretly hopes to be an astronaut one day). He follows SpaceX and the MarsOne Project, both of which are striving to send colonists to mars within the next decade. You will see Ryan’s expertise in almost every ODEMSA project, and if you seek Regional Training Funds you can speak with him often. He enjoys the diversity of his position and helping others as the Regional Projects Coordinator.

Field Coordinator PD 13 & 14:

Rick McClure

(804) 560-3300 x108

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Field Coordinator PD 15 & 19:

Jessica Goodman

(804) 560-3300 x105

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Administrative Coordinator:

Katherine “Kathy” M. Eubank

(804) 560-3300 x101

Kathy began her career in EMS with the Manchester Volunteer Rescue Squad, and has dedicated over 40 years of service to the organization.  She has ridden in the hearse style ambulances, where when doing CPR straddling the patient the headliner was used for balance and she assisted in converting van vehicles into ambulances.  She has held many positions on Manchester’s Executive Board, serving almost forty years on the board.  Among her many roles, she has been the Chief of Operations and President (the office she currently holds).

During her 40 years of service she has provided education in multiple disciplines from CPR to EMT, Basic and Light Duty Rescue, Introduction to Swift Water Rescue, Vehicle Extrication and EVOC.  She has devoted over 40 years to EMS in many disciplines and still holds many instructor certifications (both technical and EMS).  Kathy worked in “dispatch” for Chesterfield Fire Department from 1979 to 1988.

She is very proud of her heritage in EMS including thirty years with the Virginia Association of Volunteer Rescue Squads, as their Training Coordinator.  Additionally, she is a Life Member and Hall of Fame Member with VAVRS and a Life Member of District 3. 

Kathy continues in her EMS endeavors through many different channels, still today.  Her life has been dedicated to those who want to learn and become providers and/or leaders in their agencies.  To her, EMS is a calling, a passion and a way of life, which she enjoys every day. In her free time, she enjoys reading, bowling and a few TV shows sprinkled in that are normally fire/police or ems related.  Kathy will quickly tell you – “Laughter is good for the soul!  We need to laugh more often and enjoy the warmth, sunlight and joy that it brings”.


Catina D. Downey

(804) 560-3300 x106

Catina is a certified public accountant licensed in Virginia. She is also a QuickBooks® Certified ProAdvisor®. She holds two master’s degree; one in accounting with a concentration in taxation and the other in business administration. Catina is a member of the Virginia Society of CPAs and the American Institute of CPAs.

Catina is the owner of Catina Downey CPA PLLC in Henrico, VA. She has been working with ODEMSA to provide accounting, payroll, and business consulting services since 2006. Catina has been in the accounting industry for over 20 years. She started her professional career as a Finance Officer in the U.S. Army.  After leaving the army, she returned to Virginia and joined a great regional CPA firm in Richmond, VA where she fell in love with helping clients.  Although she enjoyed helping clients in the middle market, she was more interested in working with small nonprofits and small businesses along with their respective owners.

She left the regional CPA firm and spent a few years working as a controller for a building supply company. She had a great mentor and boss who taught her about the challenges of small business ownership and day-to-day operations. During this time she established her own CPA practice.

She started with a small tax practice and soon met Jon Donnelly, then the Executive Director of ODEMSA. At the time, ODEMSA’s current bookkeeper was retiring and they needed a new accountant. It was a perfect fit. Since then she has grown her practice exponentially, but retained her relationship with ODEMSA. She often refers to ODEMSA as her favorite client. She has enjoyed watching ODEMSA grow over the years and is excited to see what the future of ODEMSA holds.

Outside of her career, Catina is a devoted mother, Carolina Panther’s fan (Keep Pounding) and believes she is Wonder Woman. She is extremely helpful and motivational. You can find her in the ODEMSA office most Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Central Virginia Hospital Coalition (Contract Positions)

Steve Parrott CVHC Program Director (804) 601-6207
Jordan RennieRHCC Manager(804) 356-5695
Pete SvobodaMVP Coordinator(804) 839-5074
Megan MiddletonTraining & Preparedness Coordinator(804) 601-4617
Hospital Readiness & Response Coordinator(804) 601-0075

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