Regional Documents/Forms

Admin 2022 Calendar of Meetings
Air MedicalRegional Air Medical Guidelines
ODEMSA IV TPA Transfer Sheet
Annual ReportsForm – 2022 Annual Update
FY 2021 Annual Report
FY 2020 Annual Report
FY 2019 Annual Report
FY 2018 Annual Report
DiversionEMS Patient Transport Destination Plan (Formerly Known as the Regional Diversion Plan)
PDC/Triage Quick Reference (full page)
PDC/Triage Quick Reference (half page x2)
EMS PlanRegional EMS Plan
Exposure ReportInfectious Disease Exposure Report
Financial StatementsFY2020 Annual Audit
FY2020 IRS 990
Patient Field ReportPatient Field Report (MIVT)
Patient Field Report (MIVT)- Editable Version
Performance ImprovementODEMSA Regional Trauma Triage Plan
ODEMSA Regional PI Plan
PharmacyDrug Box and Ambulance Restocking Policy
ODEMSA 2nd and 3rd Tier Medication Alternatives
Drug Box Content and Schematic
Medication References
Regional OMD Protocol Signature
Form – Discrepancy Report
Form – Pharmacy Supply Request
Form – Drug Box Repair Request
Form – Drug Box Quarterly Inventory
ProtocolsSection 1- Introduction
Section 2- Cardiovascular Emergencies
Section 3- Medical
Section 4- Trauma
Section 5- Environmental
Section 6- OB/GYN
Section 7- Toxicological
Section 8- Ped. Cardiovascular Emergencies
Section 9- Ped. Medical
Section 10- Ped. Trauma
Section 11- Clinical Procedures
Section 12-Administration
Section 13- Medication Reference
Section 14- Appendices
STEMI STEMI Steering Guidelines
Stroke ODEMSA Stroke Plan
ODEMSA IV TPA Transfer Sheet
Regional Preception ManualIntroduction – Regional Preception Manual
Chapter 1: Introduction, Purpose and Policies *
Chapter 1A: Introduction
Chapter 2: Adult Cardiovascular Emergencies – ALS
Chapter 2: Adult Cardiovascular Emergencies – BLS
Chapter 3: Adult Medical – ALS
Chapter 3: Adult Medical – BLS
Chapter 4: Adult Trauma – ALS
Chapter 4: Adult Trauma – BLS
Chapter 5: Environmental – ALS
Chapter 5: Environmental – BLS
Chapter 6: OB-GYN – ALS
Chapter 6: OB-GYN – BLS
Chapter 7: Toxicological – ALS
Chapter 7: Toxicological – BLS
Chapter 8: Pediatric Cardiovascular Emergencies – ALS
Chapter 8: Pediatric Cardiovascular Emergencies – BLS
Chapter 9: Pediatric Medical – ALS
Chapter 9: Pediatric Medical – BLS
Chapter 10: Pediatric Trauma – ALS
Chapter 10: Pediatric Trauma – BLS
Chapter 11: Clinical Procedures
Updated 08/4/2022

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