Annual Agency Update

The Annual Agency Update ensures that we have the most up to date information on your agency. This valuable resource allows ODEMSA the ability to reach the appropriate person should we need to. It is also used to update the regional Infections Disease Registry, our website, and many other regional plans and documents.

Prior to completing the update please gather the following items:

  • Agency name, address, phone number, website
  • The name, phone number email for the following individuals:
    • President/Chief
    • Vice President
    • Operations Officer
    • OMD
    • Training Officer
    • ODEMSA Sub-Council Representative
    • Infection Control Officer
  • Total number of providers:
    • First Responder
    • EMT
    • AEMT/Enhanced
    • Intermediate
    • Paramedic
    • Support Staff
  • If your agency has an annual banquet or award ceremony.
  • If or when your agency has meetings
  • When your budget is planned.

To update your agency information click the button below.

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