Preceptor Training for Accredited Programs (PTAP)

The EMS and Hospital PTAPs, are designed to train preceptors on how to successfully precept EMS students from accredited EMS programs in the ODEMSA region. This training fulfills the regulatory compliance needs of the accredited EMS programs concerning EMS and hospital preceptor training.

EMS and hospital providers responsible for precepting EMS students must take the PTAP program.

Upon successfully fulfilling the program’s requirements, preceptors will receive a certificate of completion. Preceptors are required to recertify their PTAP bi-annually from their completion date.

Course Description

The PTAP course was developed by the Training and Education Committee in the ODEMSA region to standardize the education required for EMS and hospital preceptors. It meets the core requirements for personnel to serve as a mentor for students in EMS programs. It is not intended as a preceptor training program for EMS agencies and is designed specifically for CAAHEP-accredited programs in the ODEMSA region.


  • AIC for a period of one year
  • Must be at or above the level of the initial training program
  • Approved by the agency

NOTICE: This program is NOT intended to be used by EMS agencies to precept EMS providers seeking field clearance at their respective agencies.

IMPORTANT: The discontinuation of the 2019 version of the PTAP hosted on the TrainVA website occurred on October 5, 2021, making it inaccessible. The 2021 version is hosted and managed by ODEMSA. This move allows for better control and access to the program for all regional stakeholders. 

EMS Preceptors

EMS Preceptors

Estimated time: 45 Minutes

Hospital Preceptors

Hospital Preceptors

Estimated Time: 25 Minutes

Emergency Contacts

Contact Information for the Accredited Programs

Contact Information for Hospitals

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