Regional EMS Council Award Nominations

2023 Nomination and Scholarship Submission Period ends:
April 1, 2023

Do you know someone who is an exemplary and outstanding EMS provider, EMS educator, dedicated emergency nurse, physician, agency, or person in a leadership role? We’re looking for the best of the best, and we need your help! We think you know someone that is deserving of one if not many of the EMS awards that are up for grabs this year! Your mission is to find and nominate that person for a 2022 Regional EMS Award!

This is a fantastic opportunity to honor those in your region who shine like a star in the EMS field. If a nominee is honored with a regional award, they will then be nominated by ODEMSA for the Virginia Governor’s EMS Awards. Submissions are due by April 1, 2023.

Now is the time for you to recognize the hard work and professionalism of your peers and leaders in our region.

Nomination Worksheets

It is recommended that before you start the online nomination process that you gather and draft your submission by using the Nomination Worksheet and included checklist below.

Award Categories, Criteria, and Eligibility

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CRITERIA: An EMS provider, EMS agency or private/public organization involved in Emergency Medical Services that exemplifies innovative excellence and advancement in the statewide Virginia Emergency Medical Services system, and that has demonstrated a commitment to an innovation, comprehensive and unified system of Emergency Medical Services throughout the Commonwealth.

ELIGIBILITY: Any individual, EMS agency, program, organization, public or private entity involved in Emergency Medical Services.

CRITERIA: An individual who exemplifies outstanding dedication and service to the statewide Virginia emergency medical services system, and has demonstrated a commitment to a comprehensive, integrated system of emergency medical services throughout the Commonwealth.

ELIGIBILITY: Any individual engaged in emergency medical services.

CRITERIA: A nurse who exemplifies outstanding service in emergency medical services; knowledge and performance of EMS nursing skills; and high standards of cooperation and leadership with other EMS personnel and agencies. Highest consideration is given to performing a nursing role in a hospital or clinical setting such as precepting or quality assurance programs. Nurses who have demonstrated excellence as a pre-hospital provider or instructor should be nominated for those categories.

ELIGIBILITY: Any Virginia licensed nurse serving in an active position.

CRITERIA: Any individual, program, business or licensed EMS Agency within the Commonwealth of Virginia that has demonstrated comprehensive and/or significant accomplishments/programs that make a significant contribution to or provide for the health, safety, and welfare of EMS providers.

ELIGIBILITY: Any individual, program, business or licensed EMS Agency within the Commonwealth of Virginia.

CRITERIA: An individual who has demonstrated ability to organize, conduct, manage, problem solve and evaluate within his or her organization and, by exemplary leadership and administrative skills, improve the effectiveness, response and delivery of EMS.

ELIGIBILITY: Any person responsible for chairing, presiding over, supervising or administering EMS organizations and/or personnel in Virginia.

CRITERIA: An EMS agency that exemplifies outstanding professionalism and service to its community; whose high level of patient care is evident by innovative training, community awareness, preventive health programs, public relations efforts and participation in local, regional and statewide EMS systems.

ELIGIBILITY: Any currently licensed or official agency that is recognized by the state or federal government that is based in Virginia and is directly responsible for responding to emergencies or disasters and providing the direct delivery of care. Includes governmental, commercial, volunteer, hospital, industrial and air ambulance services.

CRITERIA: An individual or organization that exemplifies outstanding dedication and service to the contribution, development and/or enhancement of EMS for children in Virginia.

ELIGIBILITY: An individual or organization with a significant contribution to the development or enhancement of EMS for children in Virginia. Services cover a continuum of care, from injury prevention to pre-hospital care, emergency department and hospital services, and rehabilitation.

CRITERIA: A provider who exemplifies outstanding teaching and leadership qualities while participating as an educator in an EMS program. Must have coordinated or consistently demonstrated excellence and a dedication to the education of prehospital EMS providers. The nominee must have participated as an instructor, coordinator or adjunct faculty in an EMS program for at least two years.

Educational programs include:

  • EMR
  • EMT
  • AEMT
  • Intermediate
  • Paramedic
  • Continuing Education Courses
  • Preceptor Programs
  • Equivalent EMS Training

ELIGIBILITY: A Virginia EMS Educator.

CRITERIA: An individual who exemplifies outstanding dedication and service to his or her community through involvement with EMS. An individual that serves a mentor in growth and development of the EMS field.

ELIGIBILITY: Any individual who routinely provides pre-hospital care, primarily in Virginia, is affiliated with at least one Virginia licensed EMS agency and who is certified as a prehospital EMS provider by the Commonwealth of Virginia.

CRITERIA: An emergency medical telecommunicator, public safety answering point administrator, supervisor or training officer whose outstanding dedication and service has demonstrated an exceptional contribution to the improved delivery of emergency medical services in the local, regional or statewide EMS system.

ELIGIBILITY: An emergency medical telecommunicator, public safety answering point administrator, supervisor or training officer who is employed or volunteers with an organized emergency medical services dispatch center or public safety answering point in Virginia.

CRITERIA: An EMS physician who exemplifies outstanding leadership and dedication in the exercise of pre-hospital care.

ELIGIBILITY: Any licensed physician who is actively involved with prehospital care, training or mentorship of prehospital providers in the Commonwealth. This can include emergency room physicians, operational medical directors, or other physicians who dedicate their time and knowledge to furthering education and patient care in EMS.

CRITERIA: Any individual, EMS organization or EMS response group within the Commonwealth of Virginia that has demonstrated comprehensive and/or significant accomplishments for programs that provide preparedness, response and recovery from natural, man-made and preplanned events, which cause a significant impact on the agency and the community. These activities should directly relate to and impact the provision of emergency medical care during these events.

ELIGIBILITY: Any individual, EMS organization or EMS response group within the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Examples of programs meeting eligibility for this award would include:

  • Disaster Response Teams
  • Community Emergency Response Teams
  • Continuity of Operations Planning
  • Mass Casualty Incident Training programs
  • All-hazards planning
  • Emergency management partnerships
  • Surge event planning

Eligible applicants include persons or entities developing or managing such programs

Info: This competitive $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to a high school senior who has been affiliated with an EMS agency for at least six months, and who is currently enrolled or will be enrolled in an institution of higher learning or an accredited ALS training program in the coming year.

Required items: Checklist of items that must accompany this application form:

  • Proof of the applicant’s affiliation with a Virginia licensed EMS agency. A statement on agency letterhead can be included as part of one of the letters of recommendation.
  • A copy of the applicant’s official high school transcript (no minimum GPA is required, but will be considered in evaluations.)
  • At least two letters of recommendation on appropriate letterhead attesting to the nominee’s academic and/or EMS performance, which is consistent with the highest standards. One of the two letters of recommendation must be from an agency officer attesting to the applicant’s level of activity within the agency.
  • Photo Required: A high-resolution digital photo of the nominee must be included. Try to send a color photo (with good lighting) and just the nominee in it.

Still not sure how to complete a nomination?
For further inquiries or assistance please contact the Regional Projects Coordinator at (804) 560-3300 x104 or send us a message using our online Email Us form and select “Regional Awards”.

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