***Nomination Guidelines***

  • Anyone may submit nominations for the Regional EMS Awards including self-submitted nominations.
  • The Scholarship Application for Outstanding Contribution to EMS by a High School Senior should be completed by the student.
  • Nominations for all Governor’s EMS Awards (including the scholarship) MUST be submitted through the Regional Awards Program.
  • For all categories, the nomination may be based on a pattern of conduct/activities that have culminated in an exceptional improvement of the emergency medical services system in the locality, region, or state. The nomination may also be based on a single unusual event that was beyond ordinary duty.
  • Using the ODEMSA Online Nomination Form (link found below), nominations can be submitted electronically.
  • The person making the nomination should have extensive knowledge of the nominee’s qualifications and carefully select the category that most appropriately matches the nominee’s accomplishments.
  • The nominee must have current licensure or certification in the category in which he or she has been nominated.
  • One letter of recommendation and a maximum of two additional attachments, which can include a resume or CV, newspaper/periodical articles or other materials, may be included with the nomination form.

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